Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This is my attempt to start blogging again. My last post was 15 months ago. I was working on a record called "effort."; it was to be a stripped down, quirky pop-rock record. Like most things I do, I got a little over halfway done with it, then did a 180 and started working on my lifelong dream of making a rap album.

Anyone who truly knows me knows me that this wasn't really that much of a 180. Not because I've been a lifelong diehard hip hop fan or anything, but because of the way rap music at its best is way more conducive to my favorite things: plays on words, comedic writing, satire, extremely personal narrative and electronic beats; all things I've been obsessed with for my entire life.

So I'm probably about 3/4 done with my upcoming ep, "UNDERDOGG". The fact that I'm this far along and still totally stoked on this project is probably a good sign. Anyway, I hope to post more updates, demos, and thoughts on this blog, as well as an essay or two about the ep and its title.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is the inaugural post on my new blog, "The Chance Lewis Effort". The blog's name is a reference to an EP I've been working on entitled "effort."

The story behind effort is...

Why is it that when a band releases a CD, it's called an album or a record, but when a member of said band "goes solo", the release is called a project or an "effort."?

At the same time, the concept of "effort." as being an uncool thing is referenced in my song "Staged Stage Moms" (We Are Chance Lewis, 2008):

"They reek of effort and the 80s, still though, they try and look like they don't try".

Please do bookmark, comment, tell a friend, or talk shit on or about this blog. Hopefully more posts to come.